Know what we offer

Vehicle armor

We use the most innovative materials, providing complete security inside the vehicle, achieving effective protection.


Know in detail our armoring levels.

Level Two – Anti Vandalism

Maximum cartridge resistance 9mm (14mm).

Avoid voluntary destruction, total or partial, of private property.

Level Three – Anti-Assault

.44 Magnum cartridge maximum strength (18.5mm or 21mm).

Avoid attacks on a person or entry into the property with the intention of stealing.

Level Three Plus – Anti Delinquency

7.62×39 MONO cartridge maximum resistance (26mm).

Level Four Plus – Anti Kidnapping

Maximum strength 7.62×39 NATO or 5.56×45 NATO cartridge (32mm).

Level Five – Anti Attack

Maximum cartridge resistance 7.62 FMJ + or 5.56×45 FMJ (38mm or 42mm).

Your vehicle as a safety tool.

Get an endurance capacity.